Thou shalt...

This isn't my first rodeo folks. I've been SXSWesting since I was knee high to a grasshopper. It has gotten considerably easier since I turned 21, but it is still maddening at times. Here's some tips, sweet cheeks:

1. You don't need a badge or a wristband.
I used to get that inferior feeling from middle aged guys with goatees and
platinum passes. No more I say! That which I don't have sets me apart from the tourists. There's too many free things going on anyway.

2. RSVP for everything, even if you don't plan on going.

3. Expect chaos

4. Parking SUCKS.
I've got my bike tuned up, I learned my lesson.

5. Special Guest does not always equal special.
It either means the booking agent is shitting their pants trying to find a band that already isn't playing 5 shows that day (looking at you Vivian Girls) or there could possibly be a let down. Remember the Moby incident?

6. Go see international bands
They never disappoint.

7. Forgo the Sparks.
Caroline tells me they are stopping production anyway. "Thank Fucking God!" -My Kidneys.

8.Respect the badge.
They have their hands full. And if you're not from Texas, well, the APD tends to be a little aggro. If you end up in the clink you'll have to stew for a while because guess who else has their hands full? The 147th District judge, with unruly Californians.

9. Swimsuit.
Nothing cures a hangover better than Barton Springs. Enjoy, because UT is back in session next week.

10. Don't buy beer!
Just drop by a venue that promises free alcohol as a pit stop. I wouldn't recommend a flask, though (see #8).

$5 million for affordable housing?

That's it. For the entire state. And guess what? Texas is also getting screwed in the stimulus package. We're in the bottom 5 states and Rick Perry doesn't even want to accept the cash. Its like we're being punished for George Bush fake acting like a Texan. Well, on my lunch break, I'm heading down to the capitol building. And don't even get me started on funding for adult education.


Mmmm gentrificationy

There was a time when I was a guerrilla radio DJ. The space that hosted us and still hosts many grassroots programs is under threat of eviction.
Here's the press release:

Rhizome Collective Sounds International Call: Code Violations
May Force Eviction

Austin, Texas – March 11, 2009 - The Rhizome Collective is a
consensus-run 501c3 nonprofit organization that has operated a center
for community organizing and urban sustainability in an East Austin
warehouse since 2000. This warehouse was inspected on March 3rd by
officials from the Building and Standards Commission of the City of
Austin. On Thursday, March 5th The Code Enforcement Division of The
City of Austin delivered a letter outlining a list of code violations
to the Collective. The City mandated that the residents and
organizations based in the warehouse must vacate before March 16th.
The Collective is looking into all options, but is preparing to vacate
the warehouse by the deadline. Before this inspection, the Collective
was in negotiations to buy the warehouse from its current owner.

The Rhizome Collective is making every effort to work with the City on
this matter. Contractors are currently completing an estimate of the
cost required to bring the building into compliance with city building
codes. Based on conversations with contractors, the Collective does
not believe it will be possible to get an estimate, obtain permits and
complete the work by the City’s deadline.

The Rhizome Collective including Inside Books, Bikes Across Borders
and Food Not Bombs is making an international call to supporters. The
Collective is seeking monetary donations, in-kind donations, funding
sources and statements of solidarity. Donate through the link below.

In 2004, the City of Austin donated a 9.8 acre brownfield in the
Montopolis neighborhood to the Rhizome Collective. The property served
as a legally operated municipal landfill from 1967 to 1970, and was
illegally dumped on for approximately fifteen years following the
closure of the landfill. In the same year, the EPA awarded the
Rhizome Collective with a $200,000 Cleanup Grant as part of their
Brownfields Program. From January 2005 to July 2006, 680 tires, 10.1
tons of trash, and 31.6 tons of recyclable metal were removed from the
brownfield. This property is not being affected by the code
violations on the warehouse.

The Collective is an internationally recognized model for intentional
communities that comprise a massive movement focused on justice and
autonomous sustainability.

In the nine years of its existence, the collective has collaborated
with many local, national and international organizations by providing
free or low cost space and through direct participation in their
initiatives. The Collective has provided space to people working with
the organizations mentioned above and, to name a few others: The
University of Texas, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Acción
Zapatista, Rosa Clemente and Monkey Wrench Books. Members of the
Collective have supported initiatives including projects of Indymedia,
PODER, El Comite Obrero Fronterizo, Pastors for Peace, The American
Friends Service Committee, The Student Farmworker Alliance and
communities in both Mexico and Cuba. Inside Books sent over 18,000
books to Texas prisoners last year. Bikes Across Borders has organized
more than fourteen bike delivery caravans since 2001, sending over 700
bicycles to Cuba, Mexico, and Central America. Projects directly
benefiting the community have been prioritized at the Collective such
as the creation of educational systems for sustainable living in urban
areas, workshops on puppetry and street theatre, after-school programs
focusing on bicycles, gardening and the arts.

The people affected include those who work at the warehouse in order
to: furnish books to Texas prisoners, feed the homeless, teach
neighbors how to fix their bicycles, run independent media projects
and organize workshops on urban sustainability. The work performed
here over the past nine years is a point of pride for the Collective,
the greater Austin community and communities worldwide.

This is an official communication arrived at by consensus of the Collective.

For more information, please contact Laura Merner.

Contact Info:
Laura Merner
Collective Member
Phone: (201) 739-6341
Email: lorax@riseup.net

- Donate Now!
- http://www.rhizomecollective.org/
- http://www.insidebooksproject.org/
- http://www.bikesacrossborders.org/
- http://www.kpwr.org/
- http://www.myspace.com/austinfoodnotbombs
That is cold. Honestly, if you've seen the space, there's very little chance they can bring it up to code by that deadline. Maybe if anyone is going to the Bikes Across Borders, there can be some preliminary clean-up.


Interactive Fest, Blurb

Blurb is this amazing service where you can publish your own book. It is usually used for photographers and artists, and I hope to get a nice looking portfolio made soon. They're also going to be at the SXSW Interactive portion.

Google Street View

Big Brother creeps me out. I don't like those chips in your pets, satellite navigation systems, or Teflon (I know Big Brother has something to do with this). Google streetview falls into this category. After selling many things on craigslist, a buyer for my IKEA Lack shelves informed mt that my car was visible on the street map. AS with other things:

Some more.


SX mobile social

March 14, 2009, 2pm-6pm

Urban Ride 2PM: Meet at the Susanna Dickinson House, 409 E 5th St (5th and Neches).
BBQ 4PM: Brush Square Park, West Tent.
After Party 10PM: Mellow Johnnys.

More Info.

SXSW Sunday Night

SXSW Sunday Day Shows

I'm tired just thinking about Sunday

End of an Ear
Wooden Birds (Andrew Kenny from American Analog Set)- 4
Frank Fairfield- 3
Powell St. John- 2

Beerland there's some good press for this one
Yellow Fever- 6:50
Garotas Suecas- 5:40
That Ghost- 4:30
Champagne Champagne- 3:20
Aids Wolf- 2:30
PRE- 1:30
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth- 7:25
Mika Miko- 6:15
Crocodiles- 5:05
Past Lives- 3:55
Crime Novels- 3
The Mae Shi- 2
Golden Triangle- 1

Austin Art Garage
Out From Animals- 6
Pop Unknown- 5
Magnet School- 4
The Boxing Lesson- 3
Crash Gallery- 2
Gliss- 1

Lovejoys free beer!
Crank County Daredevils
Shed Alfred
Zero Skills
Black Eyed Vermillion
Heart and Soul Soundsystem

Music - We Landed on the Moon- 2
Comedy - Chuck Watkins- 1:50
Chris Trew- 1:40
Honest to God- 1:20
Joel Keith- 1:10
Mick Ramirez- 1
Fred Bothwell- 12:30
Honest to God- noon

Screen Printing

If I don't win the screen printer at the Craftster day show,
I'm going to try this.


What a slap in the face

Don't you think that if I had and extra $100 dollars around I would just buy the damn wristband myself.

And then they make up for it.


SXSW Saturday Night

Ms. Bea's
Wavves- 11
Crystal Stilts- 10:30
Woods- 10
Eat Skull- 9:30
Thee Oh Sees- 9
Blank Dogs- 8:30
Psychedelic Horseshit- 8
Cause Co Motion!- 7:30
Kurt Vile- 7
Christmas Island- 6:30
The Fresh & Onlys- 6
Ganglians- 5:30
Real Estate- 5

1142 South Lamar (inside the old Salvation Army)
Major Lazer
Po Po
Toy Selectah
Rye Rye
Boy 8 Bit

PureVolume House (2nd and Trinity)
DJ Kissy Sellout- 3
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- 2
Enter Shikari- 1
Iglu & Hartly- midnight

Sunspot- 1:35
God-des & She- 12:45
Adrian and the Sickness- 11:55
3 Kisses- 11:20
Valerie Orth- 10:45
Spare Parts- 10:10
Victoria & Zeta Five- 9:35
Alyse Black- 9

SXSW Saturday Day Shows

Some places to be on Saturday:

Sound On Sound 3
Rusted Shut
Eat Skull
RTFO Bandwagon

Trailer Space wha?? 3
Rad Racket
The Numerators
Tempo No Tempo
Omitted due to hate
The Dashing Suns

Cheapo Records 11-6
TBA- 6
TBA- 5
The Girls- 4
She Creatures- 3
Dixon- 2
Sons of Hercules- 1
Diplomats of Solid Sound- noon
special guest- autograph signing, 11 (this is what intrigues me)

Breakaway Records
The Dogs- 5:30
Poison Arrows- 4:45
Black Diamond Heavies- 4
Dirty Novels- 3:15
Wild Weekend- 2:30
Magic Christian- 1:45
Parallax Project- 1

Okay Mountain Gallery
Mark David Ashworth- 7
Mellow Owl- 6:15
Brazos- 5:30
Callers- 4:45
The Weird Weeds- 4
Canopy- 3:15
The Shivers- 2:30
The Wooden Birds- 1:45
Peel- 1

Waterloo Park
The Black Lips
Circle Jerks- 7:30
Monotonix- 6:50
Lucero- 6:05
Thermals- 5:20
Vivian Girls- 4:35
Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down- 3:55
Cursive- 3:10
King Khan & the Shrines- 2:25
Death Set- 1:30
Cut Off Your Hands- 12:50
Red Cortez- 12:10
The Black Lips
Soft Pack (The Muslims)
King Khan & the Shrines
The Thermals
Trash Talk
Jason Lyttle
The Bronx
Abe Vigoda
Vivian Girls
Gentlemen Jessie
Death Set

Typewriter Museum noon- ?
Red Fang
Droids Attack
Black Cock
Spartan Locals
the Homosexuals
Air Traffic Controllers
Imperial Battlesnake
Clint's Clit
Boxcar Satan
the Emeralds
Jazzus Lizard
Detroit 7

Club Deville
Jeremy Jay- 4:30
Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains- 3:30
The Grates- 2:30
Girls- 1:30
Real Estate- 12:30
Amazing Baby- 4:30
Lemonade- 3:30
Mason Proper- 2:30
Roadside Graves- 1:30
Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers- 12:30
Camera Obscura- 5
Peelander-Z- 4
Viva Voce- 3
Vivian Girls- 2
Jason Lytle- 1

Do512 Compound (2208 S. Lamar) free drinks!
Special guest- 10
Blue Scholars- 9:20
Common Market- 9
Dead Confederate- 7
Asteroids Galaxy Tour- 6
Black Joe Lewis- 5
Afternoons- 4
Alberta Cross- 3

Club Primo's (1700 E. 6th St.)
Eastern Sea- 5:30
Birds and Batteries- 4:30
Middle Distance Runner- 3:30
Follow That Bird- 2:30
The Always Already- 7
Midnight Masses- 6
La Snacks- 5
The New Wine- 4
Deastro- 3
Ume- 2
Divided Like a Saint's- 1

Victory Grill
Dressy Bessy- 7
Pretty & Nice- 6
Ruby Coast- 5
Whitman- 4
Colourmusic- 3

Radio Room
Milemarker- 5
Des Ark- 4:20
Ben Davis and the Jett$- 3:35
Auxes- 2:55
Pygmy Lush- 2:15
Tight Phantomz- 1:30
Quieting Syrup- 1
The Medications- 12:30
Edie Sedgwick- noon
big stage
Cursive- 5:15
The Van Pelt- 4:15
Silver Scooter- 3:15
Pinebender- 2:30
The Life and Times- 1:45
Young Widows- 1:10
The Poison Arrows- 12:35
Head of Skulls- noon
United States Art Authority they're back, bitches
The Urges- 8
The Higher State- 7
Los Coronas- 6
The Woggles- 5
The Breakers- 4
The Coctail Slippers- 3

505 E. 50th St. 3 pm
Muhhamid Ali
Welfare Mothers
Battle Rifle
Ghettobird at

1024 E. 44th St. 11- 7 free beer!
Anni Rossi
Golden Boots
Desolation Wilderness
Jeremy Jay
New Science Projects
Amo Joy
Everthus the Deadbeats
Jad Fair
Matt Hopper
Blank Tapes
Explode Into Colors
Polka Dot Dot Dot
Lady Lucille
John Biz/Higgins

Lovejoys free beer!
Game Rebellion- 5
Turbowolf- 4
The Redwood Plan- 3
Militant Babies- 2
Cubismo Grafico Five- 1

811 West Annie St. 3- 10 free beer!
Prince Rama
Someday Parish
Warren Jackson Herne
The Theater Fire
Dry River Yacht Club
Clay Nightingale
Some Say Leland
The Ron Scott Practice

Jackalope noon- 7 free beer and stuff!
he Gay Blades
Wax Fang
Death To Anders
Hey Champ
Bitter Wigs
Joe Pug
TafkaVince & Lauren
A Whiskey A Dance

SXSW Friday Night

Friday night (always with a little overlap w/ the day shows)

Vivian Girls
Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
Thee Oh Sees
Christmas Island
TV Ghost
The Strange Boys

Club 1808
No Age- 1
Mika Miko- midnight
Wavves- 11
Silk Flowers- 10
Soft Circle- 9
Trash Talk- 8
Pygmylush- 7
Sisters- 6
Finally Punk- 5
Lucky Dragons- 4
DSS- 3
Abe Vigoda- 12:30
Gun Outfit- 11:30
Kim Phuc- 10:30
The Hex Dispensers- 9:30
Pocahaunted- 8:30
Cult Ritual- 7:30
Hank IV- 6:30
Ratas De Vaticano- 5:30
Infinite Body- 4:30
The Goat- 3:30
Tolsatd- 2:30

Parlor 6
American Sharks
The Fever Dreams
Opposit Day
Prayer for Animals

Location TBA (South Austin warehouse - 3,000 capacity)
Villains- 3 am
Steed Lord- 2:15
Heartsrevolution- 1:30
The Golden Filter- 12:45
Anavan- midnight
The Mae Shi- 11:15
Mika Miko- 10:30
French Miami- 9:45
Garotas Suecas- 9
Ringo Deathstarr- 8:15
Harlem- 7:30
Fiasco- 6:45
A Faulty Chromosome- 6
Past Lives- 5:15
Clip'd Beaks- 4:30

The Art Project 6
The Botticellis
Maus Haus
Tempo No Tempo
Black Paintings
The Splinters

SXSW Friday Day Shows

All the haps on Friday:

Sound On Sound Records 3
Los Llamarada
Zola Jesus
Absinthe Minds
Penetracion Cosmica
The Yuppies

Snake Eyes Vinyl noon- 7
Hat Talk
Mala Suerte
Iron Clad
Eagle Twin

Breakaway Records
The Cynics- 5:30
DT's- 4:45
Black Hollies- 4
Muck & the Mires- 3:15
Choo Choo- 2:30
Ugly Beats- 1:45
Hall Monitors- 1

Scoot Inn
Nobunny- 5:15
Viva L'American Death Ray Music- 4:15
No Comply- 3:30
Digital Leather-2:30
Overnight Lows- 1:45
John Paul Keith and 145s- 1

BBQ- 5:30
Box Elders- 4:45
Golden Boys- 4
Lover- 3:15
Hunx & his Punx- 2:30
Personal & the Pizzas- 1:45
Dead Ghosts- 1

Carousel Lounge 2- 7
Ulrich Schnauss
Experimental Aircraft
The Union Trade
All in the Golden Afternoon

Club Deville
The Hold Steady- 4:30
The Thermals- 3:30
American Analog Set- 2:30
Handsome Furs- 1:30
Obits- 12:30
Richard Swift- 4:30
Alela Diane- 3:30
These United States- 2:30
We Have Band- 1:30
The Rural Alberta Advantage- 12:30
Delta Spirit- 5
The Rosebuds- 4
Port O'Brien- 3
The Henry Clay People- 2
Bishop Allen- 1
The Wrens- noon

Red Eyed Fly free bloody marys and beer!
White Denim- 5:20
Restavrant- 4:50
Phosphorescent- 4:20
Henry Clay People- 3:50
Horse Feathers- 3:20
MAdM- 2:50
Great Northern- 2:20
Pity Party- 1:50
Spindrift- 1:20
Matt Ellis- 12:30

Creekside Lounge
Pop Unknown
The Lemurs
Oh No! Oh My!
Businessman DJs
more TBA

Cedar Street free beer! free BBQ from noon-1
White Lies- 5
Razorlight- 4
Late of the Pier- 3:15
The Whip- 2:30
Wild Light- 1:45
Anya Marina- 1
Bat For Lashes listening event- noon

Okay Mountain Gallery free beer!
Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele
Bosque Brown
DM Stith
Benjy Ferree
Grampall Jookabox
Shiny Around the Edges

Home Slice Pizza noon- ?
The Von Bondies
Say Hi
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
The Republic Tigers
Rural Alberta Advantage
Alberta Cross
We Were Promised Jet Packs
Horse Feathers
Wiretree (12:30, 1:15, 2:00)
Still Flyin` (2:45, 3:30, 4:15)
TBA (5:00, 5:45, 6:30)

Jo's Coffee
Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra- 8
Mark Olson and Gary Louris
The Mother Hips
Hill Country Revue
Suzanna Choffel
Abalone Dots
Other Lives
Those Darlins
Triple Cobra- noon

Lovejoys free beer!
The Raggedy Anns- 6
Bang Camaro
Cetan Clawson
State & Madison
Slaves to Gravity
Kim Taylor 12:30

2908 Cole St. 2
Eat Skull
Kurt Vile
RTFO Bandwagon
Teenage Cool Kids
The Wiggins

The Parlor

American Sharks
The Fever Dreams
opposite Day
Prayer for Animals
Haunting Oboe Music
The Sour Notes
Prizzy Prizzy Please
Azeda Booth
Frantic Clam

In-House Gallery all Danish bands! 1- 7
Choir of Young Believers
18th Dye
Oh Land
Tina Dico
Snake And Jet's Amazing Bullit Band


The Disraelis- 11
The Vandelles
The Hoa-Hoa's
Shine Brothers (Black Angels side project)
Planet Creature
The Renderers
Brimstone Howl
Beep Beep - 4
See Me River (ex-Band of Horses)
Me You Us Them- 2

2207 Eastside Dr. free beer!
Damaged Good$
Sydney Confirm
DJ sets by DJ Teenage Wolf
Mikey Rodge
Billinghams Defense System

1024 E. 44th St. free beer! 11- 7
Casper and the Cookies
Little Birds
Hot Lava
Geoffrey Reacher
Buddy System
Ruby Isle
Ryan Anderson

1204 Salina St. free beer! 1- 11
The Parenthetical Girls
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Cause Co-Motion
Blank Dogs
Nite Jewel
Golden Triangle
US Royalty

Red House Pizzeria
Hymns- 6:15
The Spinto band- 5:30
Palomar- 4:45
A Classic Education- 4
Sky Larkin- 3:15
special guest- 2:30
Jay Jay Pistolet- 1:45
Werewolves- 1
DJ John Mark of the Earlies (between sets)

Red Fang
Dirty Sweet
Gringo Star
Invade Rome
Super 400
High Watt Crucifixers
Slough Feg
Lonely H
more TBA

The Art Project

Sustainable Delivery

While I'm totally over porcelain (the script typeface they're using), at least they're trying. It does nothing to deter me from wanting their service.

Farmhouse Delivery is a food delivery service that relies solely on local farmers and artisan foods. Which means sustainability.

SXSW Thursday Night

Easy Action
Mark Sultan aka BBQ
Gentleman Jesse and His Men
Nick Flanagan
Cause Co-Motion!

Club 1808
Vivian Girls- 11:30
Deer Tick- 11
Crystal Antlers- 10:30pm
Chairlift- 10
The Strange Boys- 9:30pm
Ponytail- 9
Seaspin- 8:30
Tallest Man on Earth- 8
PRE- 7:30
Kurt Vile- 7
All the Saints- 6:30
Aids Wolf- 6
Golden Triangle- 5:30
Real Estate- 5
The Soft Pack- 4:30
Mi Ami- 4
Graham Forest- 3:30
Non Plus- 3
Crystal Stilts- midnight

Ballet Austin 11 pm- 3 am
The Death Set
Rainbow Arabia
Jeremy Jay
The Strange Boys
Finally Punk
Total Abuse
Daniel Francis Doyle

Chain Drive
Benko- midnight
Memphis Pencils- 11:15
Bridge Farmers- 10:30
Bad Credit No Credit- 9:45
Betaplayer- 9
Asleep Audience...Dream- 8:15

Beso Cantina
RSVP http://www.gigacrate.com/rsvp/
DJ Fashen- 1
Enfoe and NickNack- midnight
Klever and Craze- 11
Mvsclz- 10:30
Mexicans with Guns- 9:45
Teeko, Platurn and GoldenChyld- 9

2908 Cole St. 6
Blank Dogs
Sun Araw

Silhouette 9
Smalltown DJs
Bird Peterson
Prince Klassen
Mike the 2600 King
DJ Mel

SXSW Thursday Day Shows

Here are my picks for Thurs. 03.19.09

Sound On Sound Records
4 pm
Ratas del Vaticano
Psychedelic Horseshit
The Unholy Two

Snake Eyes Vinyl
Til Death- 7
Fuck Work- 6
Devil & the Sea- 5
Via Vengeance- 4:30
The Roller- 4
She Rides- 3:30
Howl- 3
Black Skies- 2:30
Skeleton Witch- 2
Curse the Heavens- 1:30
Kylesa- 1

Birds Barbershop East
Say Hi- 6
Nas- 5
Cut Off Your Hands- 4
Magnificent 7- 4
King Khan and the Shrines- 3
Amplive- 3
Jason Hammel (Mates of State)- 2
Busdriver- 2
special guest- 1
Prince Klassen

Okay Mountain Gallery, KVRX
Mika Miko
Blank Dogs
Nite Jewel
Manhattan Love Suicides
The Mae Shi
Garotas Suecas
The Splinters

Peacock free beer!
Vivian Girls
White Denim
The Golden Filter
Here We Go Magic
Harlem, DJ Sober

Red Eyed Fly free beer and bloody marys!
Port O'Brien- 5:20
Loch Lomond- 4:50
Viva Voce- 4:20
Runspringa- 3:50
Alberta Cross- 3:20
Adam Freeland- 2:50
Afternoons- 2:20
Imaad Wasif- 1:50
J Tillman- 1:20

Radio Room 1130- 6
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The Avett Brothers
Daniel Johnston

Blue Velvet
Telepathic Butterflies- 6:50
Love City- 6
The Urges- 5:10
The Moog- 4:20
Broadfield Marchers- 3:30
Ripe- 2:40- Orchid Highway- 1:50
Nagel- 1

Home Slice Pizza
Dead Confederate- 6:45
The Morning Benders- 6
Kenan Bell- 5:15
The Spinto Band- 4:30
Animal Farm ft. Serge Severe and Mic Crenshaw- 3:45
Marching Band- 3
Jeremy Messersmith- 2:15
Illinois- 1:30
The Low Anthem- 12:45
Mason Proper- noon
Hollywood Gossip- 12:30, 1:15, 2:00
Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band- 2:45, 3:30, 4:15
Little Stolen Moments- 5:00, 5:45, 6:30

Jo's Coffee
Billy Joe Shaver- 8
The Handsome Family- 7
Dexter Romweber Duo- 6
Local Natives- 5
Wild Beasts- 4
Ben Sollee- 3
Dent May and his Magnificent Ukelele- 2
Cuff The Duke- 1
The Century- noon

Lovejoys free beer!
The Higher State- 6:15
The Ugly Beats- 5:15
Pine Valley Cosmonauts- 4:15
Chip Robisnon's Heavy Beat Outfit- 3:15

Side Bar free beer with wrist band? dick move.
Army Navy- 6:15
Wax Fang- 5:30
Laura Gibson- 4:45
Balmorhea- 4
My Education- 3:15
Loch Lomond- 2:30
Blue Giant- 1:45
Callers- 1pm

Cedar Street free beer, and free BBQ from 12-1!
Idle Warship- 5
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears- 4
Annuals- 3:15
Great Northern- 2:30
Other Lives- 1:45
Hockey- 1
Zee Avi- 12:15

Typewriter Museum noon - 2am.
50 million
Needy Visions
Big Ships
Dead Dog
Closet Fairies
Rare Form
The Besties
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Prizzy Prizzy Please
Attic Ted
Vivian Girls
Rad Racket
The Pharmacy
Wild America
Used Kids
Honky Horn and Bad Mouth
The Cold Cuts
Bob Taylors Latest Review
Stupid Party
Thee Headliners
Future Virgins
The Reaction
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
School of Seven bells
Vivian Girls
DJ Small Change

The Rosebuds- 7:30
Eli Paperboy Reed and The True Loves- 7
J. Tillman- 6:30
Le Switch- 6
The Grates- 5:30
Henry Clay People- 5
Megafaun- 4:30
Dark Meat- 4
Those Darlins- 3:30
Port O'Brien- 3
Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band- 2:30
Roadside Graves- 2
NewVillager- 1:30
The Bones Royal- 1

Malverde (400B W. 2nd St., 2nd and Guadalupe)
RSVP to allthatsparklesparty@gmail.com
Little Boots
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Micachu & the Shapes
The Mae Shi
Sebastien Grainger DJ set

Blacklist- 11
The Prids- 10
Entertainment- 9
Autodrone- 8
Romance- 7
The Public- 6
Shiloe- 5
Mother Father- 4
Sleepmask- 3

Club Primo's
Izzy Cox- 7
La Snacks- 6
Lovely Sparrows- 5:30
Moth!Fight!- 5
These United States- 4:30
The Flying Eyes- 4
Neiliyo- 3:30
Physics of Meaning- 3
Batata Doce- 2:30
Daniel Francis Doyle- 2
Felix Obelix- 1

610 Vermont Rd. free beer!
Microfiche- 8:45
The Roller- 8:05
Fiasco- 7:25
Over the Hill- 6:35
Coathangers- 5:55
Diagonals- 5:15
Wildildlife- 4:30
Pillow Queens- 3:40
Eat Skull- 2:50
Crime Novels- 2:20
The Mae Shi- 1:40
Rat Bastard & Doug Ferguson- 1

902 Spence St. free beer and food!
Vega- midnight
Native America- 11:15
Drug Mountain- 10:45
Micah P Hinson- 10
The Black- 9:15
Via Audio- 8:30
Samamidon- 7:45
listenlisten- 7
Fight Bite- 6:15
Dana Falconberry- 5:30
Peter and the Wolf- 4:45
Viking Moses- 4
Golden Ghost- 3:30
Pictish Trail- 3
Rozi Plain- 2:30
Buxton- 2
Florene- 1:30
Doctor Jones- DJ set noon

Red House Pizzeria
Still Flyin'- 6:15
The Mae Shi- 5:30
Casiokids- 4:45
Radioclit/The Very Best- 4
Au Revoir Simone- 3:15
Slow Club- 2:30
Fanfarlo- 1:45
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- 1
Yellow Fever- 12:15

The Black Fontanelle Compound (5615 Jim Hogg Ave.) 2-6
Snack Truck- 5:30
Mayyors- 5
Eat Skull- 4:30
Hot Lava- 4
Purple Rhinestone Eagle- 3:30
Bermuda Triangles- 3
Aids Wolf- 2:30
Magic Jewels- 2

Beauty Bar noon- 6
Indoor Stage
11:30-12:15 FREE coffee and donuts
12:15 - French Miami
1:15 - Two Sheds
2:00 - Sholi
3:00 - The Union Trade
3:45 - The Morning Benders
4:30 - The Frail
5:30 - Mike Relm
Outdoor Stage
12:00-12:45 FREE beer
12:45 - The Red Verse
1:30 - Thee Oh Sees
2:30 - Vetiver
3:15 - The Heavenly States
4:15 - Themselves
5:00 - Wallpaper

Canvas 2 pm - 2 am
The Twelves
Don Rimini
Jokers On The Scene
Mickey Factz
We Have Band
Designer Drugs
The Hood Internet
Kap Bambino
Jeremy Dawson (Shiny Toy Guns)
Richard Gear
Culture Prophet
Bradley D

Red 7 noon - 6
The Hold Steady
No Age
The Hard Lessons
The Tallest Man on Earth
Great Lakes Myth Society
Human Highway
Adam Stephens (from Two Gallants)

Emile Millar- 5
The Black and White Years- 4:15
TBA- 3:15
Your Kisses Cause Crashes- 2:15
The Western Civilization- 1:15
The Dry Season- 12:30
Factory Party- 11:45
Romance- 11

Peelander Z
Here Holy Spain
The Sea
Gin Riots
more TBA

SXSW Wednesday Night

Here are some things to do on Wednesday night that don't require a wristband or badge.

Trophy's 8 pm
Muchos Backflips
The Mercers
Black Gasoline
Black Bone Child
Johnny Gobbs
Code Named Code

2514 Wilson St. free beer!
We Have Band- 11
The Golden Filter- 10:15
French Miami- 9:30
Bang Bang Eche- 8:45
Crocodiles- 8
Diagonals- 7:15
Crime Novels- 6:45

Natrix Natrix House
(3222 John Campbell's Trail) 8 pm
Ratas del Vaticano
Eat Skull
more TBA

Data Pop 09, South Lamar Salvation Army 9 pm
Bit Shifter
8Bk OK
Graffiti Monsters

The Chumps- 12:50
Black Panda- midnight
Manikin- 11:10
Open Casket- 10:20
The Ape Shits- 9:30
The Bad Rackets- 8:40
The Teeners- 7:50
Scrabble Robot- 7


SXSW Wednesday Day Shows

Psychedelic Horseshit- 1
Dikes Of Holland- 1:40
Eat Skull- 2:20
The Young- 3:05
Turbo Fruits- 4
The Homosexuals- 4:50
Endless Boogie- 5:40

Flatbed Press 3-midnight, free drinks and pizza! My old printmaking professor used to (and maybe still does) have a workspace there:

Faulty Chromosome
Treasure Mammal

Antone's Records
The Alice Rose- 4
Jungle Rockers- 3

Red Eyed Fly- Free beer and bloody mary's.
Von Bondies- 5:20
Tallest Man on Earth- 4:50
Megafaun- 4:20pm
Dawes- 3:50
The Drones- 3:20
Amanda Palmer- 2:50
Evangelicals- 2:20
Youngmond Grand- 1:50
Whispertown2000- 1:20
The Upside Down- 12:30

Red 7 noon-6
Vivian Girls
Beach House
The Thermals
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Yoni Wolf (of Why?)
Max Tundra
Loney Dear
Shout Out Out Out
Fol Chen, Lake
Rainbow Arabia

Emo's outside
The King Kahn & BBQ Show
Thomas Function
The Strange Boys
Old Blood
Turbo Fruits

Emo's inside
The Bronx
Annihilation Time
Trash Talk
Psychedelic Horseshit
Garotas Suecas

Emo's Annex
Easy Star All-Stars- 5:15
Deer Tick- 4:30
J. Tillman- 4
We Were Promised Jetpacks- 3:30
Blind Pilot- 3
maus haus- 2:30
The Phenomenal Handclap Bank- 2
Deastro- 1:30
Marching Band- 1
Theresa Andersson- 12:30
Y La Bamba- noon

Dog and Duck Pub
That Petrol Emotion- 7
Future Clouds and Radar- 6
The Handsome Family- 5:10
The Crimea- 4:20
General Fiasco- 3:30
Those Darlins- 2:40
Tim Easton- 1:50
The Service Industry- 1
The Hilary York Band- noon

Ms. Bea's 2-6. I really enjoyed day shows here last year. And the beer was super cheap.
Yellow Fever
The Splinters
Finally Punk
Explode Into Colors
The Coathangers
The Carrots

Club 1808
Daniel Francis Doyle has been on tour for a loooong time.
Ear Pwr
Golden Triangle
Pictish Trail
Rainbow Arabia
Real Estate
The Carrots
The Mae Shi
Total Abuse

Creekside Lounge
Franz Nicolay- 5:15
Grant Hart- 4:30
The May Fire- 3:45
Goes Cube- 3
Midgetmen- 2:15
Ezra Furman & The Harpoons- 1:30
The Gay Blades- 12:45
Georgian Company- noon

The Golden Filter- 7
Special Guest- 6:30
Pete and the Pirates- 6
Phenomenal Handclap Band- 5:30
The Proclaimers- 4:30
Casiokids- 4
Young Love- 3:30 hehe!!
Hockey- 3
Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band- 2:30
Thomas Function- 2
These United States- 1:30
Tim Williams- 1

Urban Outfitters ugh, but its geographically convenient.
The Wooden Birds (ex-American Analog Set)- 5pm
We Have Band- 4
Post War- 3
Wild Yaks- 2
The Last Place you Look- 1

Red House Pizzeria
Ski Bunny- 6:15
Scissors for Lefty- 5:30
special guest- 4:45
The Manhattan Love Suicides- 4
Young Mammals- 3:15
The Wild Moccasins- 2:30
Pete and the Pirates- 1:45
The Hawks- 1

Beauty Bar
Lemonade- 6
Project Jenny, Project Jan- 5
Hot Panda- 3
Drink Up Buttercup- 2
Pretty & Nice- 1
The Lemurs- noon, yea, whatever happened to these guys?

Lovejoys free beer!
The Devil Makes Three- 5
Sugar Sugar Sugar- 4
Pure Luck- 3
Corinne Rose- 2
JWW and the Prospectors- 1

Paradise 11 am- 2 am, free beer!
Danny Malone
Ferraby Lionheart
The Henry Clay People
Elliot Brood
Tom Schraeder & His Ego
Joe Pug, Justin Townes Earle
Motel Motel
Gringo Star
Morning Benders
Harlem Shakes
Red Cortez
Tallest Man on Earth

Matt The Electrician- 7:30
Beaver Nelson- 6:30
Eric Hisaw- 5:30
Moonlight Towers- 4:30
Elizabeth McQueen & The Firebrands, Betty Soo- 2:35
Jiminy Crisket- 2:00

Double O Seven

I've ruminated on what to publish as my first post. It seems important in the context of future blog. Typography is fitting, no?

I put off seeing Quantum of Solace for a while. Let the Right One In was much higher on the priority list. It wasn't great, but the typography blew me away:

My personal favorite, not as much for the film, but for universal usage. This has just enough regard for the past, but is updated with the color and drop shadow for the title and a transparency for the body text.

This captures the essence of an impoverished country. The leftover paint, the handmade ethos, decay- a slapdash culture living in squalor.

I'm perplexed more with the construction of this than the meaning behind it (which is pretty apparent). It could have been created on a computer, but just as well could have been etched onto the pavement. I prefer the latter.

I love the way the typography marries the image in all of these. Especially in Russia with the long shadows and trampled snowfall.

A perfunctory glance might lead one to believe that this is rather ordinary, but on a large screen the letters show age, dimension, and grace.

This one makes me hungry? Maybe the similarity between Toblerone?

These were all created by a firm in the UK named Tomato that has been operating since 1991. They have a combination portfolio / blog here:


Color me intimidated...