SXSW Sunday Day Shows

I'm tired just thinking about Sunday

End of an Ear
Wooden Birds (Andrew Kenny from American Analog Set)- 4
Frank Fairfield- 3
Powell St. John- 2

Beerland there's some good press for this one
Yellow Fever- 6:50
Garotas Suecas- 5:40
That Ghost- 4:30
Champagne Champagne- 3:20
Aids Wolf- 2:30
PRE- 1:30
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth- 7:25
Mika Miko- 6:15
Crocodiles- 5:05
Past Lives- 3:55
Crime Novels- 3
The Mae Shi- 2
Golden Triangle- 1

Austin Art Garage
Out From Animals- 6
Pop Unknown- 5
Magnet School- 4
The Boxing Lesson- 3
Crash Gallery- 2
Gliss- 1

Lovejoys free beer!
Crank County Daredevils
Shed Alfred
Zero Skills
Black Eyed Vermillion
Heart and Soul Soundsystem

Music - We Landed on the Moon- 2
Comedy - Chuck Watkins- 1:50
Chris Trew- 1:40
Honest to God- 1:20
Joel Keith- 1:10
Mick Ramirez- 1
Fred Bothwell- 12:30
Honest to God- noon

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