Double O Seven

I've ruminated on what to publish as my first post. It seems important in the context of future blog. Typography is fitting, no?

I put off seeing Quantum of Solace for a while. Let the Right One In was much higher on the priority list. It wasn't great, but the typography blew me away:

My personal favorite, not as much for the film, but for universal usage. This has just enough regard for the past, but is updated with the color and drop shadow for the title and a transparency for the body text.

This captures the essence of an impoverished country. The leftover paint, the handmade ethos, decay- a slapdash culture living in squalor.

I'm perplexed more with the construction of this than the meaning behind it (which is pretty apparent). It could have been created on a computer, but just as well could have been etched onto the pavement. I prefer the latter.

I love the way the typography marries the image in all of these. Especially in Russia with the long shadows and trampled snowfall.

A perfunctory glance might lead one to believe that this is rather ordinary, but on a large screen the letters show age, dimension, and grace.

This one makes me hungry? Maybe the similarity between Toblerone?

These were all created by a firm in the UK named Tomato that has been operating since 1991. They have a combination portfolio / blog here:


Color me intimidated...

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